Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fun Afternoon

Spent with my favorite girl!
Daddy had ball practice so we
decorated Easter eggs for the big
hunt at daycare tomorrow. They had to
be plastic eggs so we decorated with stickers.
She was having fun until she wasn't!
They are so cute & funny at this age. One
second they are having a blast doing someting
and then they are just done with it!
Oh how I love that dirty face!
(you can't really tell it's dirty in the pic but it was)

And here are a few of the Easter basket
cupcakes we made for her class. We used
twizzlers for the basket handles and I think
they turned out quite cute!

Since Friday is Good Friday, daycare is closed
and Henry is off of work so we can spend the
whole day together! It seems with things being
so busy lately that we haven't had alot of time,
just the 3 of us, so I'm looking forward to it!

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Margaret said...

Those are adorable cupcakes!