Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Aleigha's Birthday Part 2

As you can tell from the first post we had an
absolute Elmolicious party.
Here's me and the birthday girl while the party was starting.

She wasn't sure what to think of all the people in her
back yard at first but she warmed up & started to play.

The kids played for awhile and the adult's visited.

We began opening gifts and she had so much fun
going through them all. Papaw got her a princess
case full of make-up. How cute!

I think she was more excited about the Dora
paper on this present.

Tyler wanted to help her open everything and
I dont think she minded one bit.

She got so much it's ridiculous. From arts/craft supplies,
clothes, shoes, beach/sand toys, oven mittens & cookie dough
for her kitchen and 3 purses from Gymboree. I think
she has a purse to match every outfit she has.
Mamaw & Papaw got her a play house and
let's just say it was a big hit at the party. I
thought it was cute that all of the little boys
beat her getting into it :)
Nana sent her a Mercedes Benz SUV.
She can't quite reach the pedals yet but
she loves riding as a passenger.
We got he a sand/water table and it was
another hit. All of the kids wanted to play
with it.
Here's all of the kids lining up to play
"Pin the Nose of Elmo".

They all got a kick out of this game but
cousin Tyler won with his nose being the closest.

Here's the birthday girl swinging away!

Singing Happy Birthday and getting ready
to blow out her candle. I'm disappointed I
didn't get an actual picture of her blowing
out her candle but I'll deal.
Granny & Aunt Buddy got her a picnic table.

Here are some of the kids playing with the
sand/water table.

Daddy getting ready to pull the pinata string.
I didn't think it was fair for the big kids to bust
Elmo to pieces while the babies watched.
Baby girl was picking up as much candy as she could.

I think this picture of Aleigha & Addison is so cute.
Lindsey (Addison's mom) & I grew up together and
are very good friends and our babies are in the same
class at daycare and you can tell. All day, if you seen
one of them the other was soon to follow.
(their daycare teacher says they fight all the time)
kinda funny huh!
After everyone was gone Mamaw & Papaw stuck
around a while to play.

My brother got her this jump-o-lene and
Aleigha has jumped in it everyday.
I guess it will be the newest decoration to
our living room for the time being.
I think she had the best day and played until dark.
But the fun didn't stop there.

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