Monday, April 26, 2010

Air Show

Yesterday we headed to the local air force base
for the annual air show. The weather was nice,
a little windy, but we had a great time. Aleigha
wasn't so sure when we first got there but she
warmed up quickly.

Here she is sitting & watching planes with Daddy.

Finding shade under one of the plane wings!

We met up with my brother, nephew & some friends
Here they are going up in one of the planes that carries troops

Tyler & Aleigha

Tyler wasn't so sure about this fake guy at first
he said that he looked mean, ha!

Here they are laying on the cots

Isn't she cute with her army hat!

Taking a break to play with their toy airplanes

And the show ended with the thunderbirds

I stayed busy tending to the kids & making sure
they had sunscreen on & everything that I totally
forgot about myself so I'm a little sunburnt today :(
It was still a fun day, can't wait for next years show!

Friday, April 23, 2010

This and That

Wooohooo, I finally got my computer fixed,
something was stopping me from getting online
& we haven't been able to figure it out for over a week
but I fixed it this morning. I could of blogged from
Henry's computer but, well I've been lazy and
a little occupied with this busy little bee.

Kind of sad that she needs her
morning coffee like we do ;)
Papaw is still out of town working so Mamaw
has been spending quite a few night over here
with us and her & Aleigha spend alot of time
talking to Papaw on the phone
The other day Bentley took off towards the front
door and started barking, Aleigha got so excited
saying "Papaw's here", how cute....and sad!
Baby girl is missing her Papaw

We were watching DWTS Monday night and

she decided to show off a little with her dancing

Dareion came & spend last weekend with us

and I dont think she could of been any happier

to see her cousin

The weather has been great the last few weeks
so we have spend alot of time outside doing

and this....
(she finally learned how to drive herself)

and we can't forget blowing bubbles!
I have to say if this child loves one thing it
would be her bubbles!

And we've spend a little time inside....

I'm super glad it's Friday, we have a some what
busy weekend ahead. The anual air show is coming
to town so were taking the kids and Saturday night
is a very good friend's suprise birthday party!
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend in the Country

Every year we go to my Granny's while the
Battle of Pleasant Hill is going on. It's a reinactment
of the war from the 1800's. We had lots of fun
spending time with family. We got there
Friday night and just hung out outside by the fire.
On Saturday morning we all got ready & headed
downtown for the parade.

Waiting on the parade to start, we wouldn't
want him to get any darker would we?

I was looking forward to catching candy with Aleigha
but she had other plans. When she seen my brother, Tyler
and the rest of the crew ride by in the wagon she
immediately wanted to get on with them. So I let her go.
I guess being in the parade is more fun than
catching candy.

She played with Landry alot.

My little cousin Celeste...they had face painting
going on down at the festivities.

After a long day on Saturday she found an
empty chair by the fire and that's where she parked
it. It's rough being a kid & getting to play all day :)

Aleigha & Tyler

She also spent alot of time on this. She didn't care
wo you were as long as you would ride her
around she was your friend.

I told ya it's rough being a kid!

Finally everyone is gone on Sunday night and
she played the piano with Mamaw.
(My Mom really does ear)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Trip to the Park

Monday afternoon it was so nice outside so
after I picked Aleigha up from daycare we
headed straight to the park. I'm so glad we
found this park a few weeks ago. It's less than
10 minutes from our house. It has a water side
to it as well that will start in May so I know
one little girl that will enjoy that.

Aleigha has her "independent" moments but for
the most part she is very dependent on us. She
doesn't venture to far and is constantly looking
up/around to make sure I'm in arms reach. I see all
of these kids running freely far away from their parents
but not my child. I have to be right there, every step
of the way. But I'm not complaing, it doesn't bother me
at all that I have to constantly be right there on my part
but for her sake I wish she could be a little more dependent.
The sand was bothering her & she noticed some
other kids had their shoes off so, off with the shoes.

And her favorite....not the slides or the tunnels,
nope this little rocking alligator chair.

She thought she could run up the slide like
the other kids. Yeah, that didn't turn out so well.
And after 2 hours she finally ventured and
started playing with one little girl. I did have
to remind her a few times that she needed to
share her sand toys, but she had fun.
So if mother nature permits we'll head back to the
park today or tomorrow. Hope everyone is having
a great week so far!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bath Time In the Sink

About a week or so ago Aleigha was messy
and we were in the kitchen so I just put
her in the sink & rinsed her off. Well boy did
I start something. Ever since then all she wants
to do is bath in the sink. I'll try to put her in
the bathroom and she runs to the kitchen
and say "no dis one" and points to the sink.

(i love this picture, she's got her feet all propped up like she's sun bathing)
She absolutely loves it. When she was a baby
I bathed her in the sink all the time and I
kinda miss it but this is a different story.
You cant just put water in there and let her play.
She wants the water running

So I bath her and then I give her some cups
and bowls and she plays in the sink for about an
hour everytime. And I stand right there and watch.

Also, when we were at my Granny's this weekend
for Easter, I bet you'll never guess where she
wanted to bath when the time came around....
yep, the bathroom sink. She liked it even better
than ours because it's one of those older really
really deep ones. I dont know how this will last
but for now we'll just enjoy the fact that she still
fits in the sink :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

What a fun busy weekend we had. On Friday
afternoon we headed to my Granny's down in the country.
Tyler came over and we set up outside to dye eggs.

The kids had lots of fun dyeing eggs.
We even had a little accident & Aleigha
ended up wearing lots of dye.

So we stripped her down & let the fun continue.

On Saturday most of the family came to Granny's
for an Easter egg hunt. I love how sweet and excited
Aleigha was with cousin Landry. This was when
I was telling her to go tell Daddy how much she
wanted a brother/sister ;)
Aleigha couldn't get over all of the Easter
baskets floating around and kept trading
with Landry.
She found lots of eggs!

There she goes stealing Landry's bucket again!

Family photo

Ahhhh, at last the Easter bunny stopped by
our house & left Aleigha some goodies.


Wearing & feeding her new baby. She also got
some play gardening tools and her favorite
was the Doodle Pro.
The Easter Bunny also hid some eggs out front
so we set out to find them.

We had such a great Easter weekend. I'm
disappointed we didn't go to church. Normally
we go with family. Were on a mission to find a
church in our area that we are happy with though.
(that is a whole other post)
We took a long nap and ended the day playing outside.