Thursday, April 1, 2010

Aleigha's Birthday Part 3

Sunday was Aleigha's actual birthday so once
we got up & settled we headed to Waffle House
since she loves pancakes/waffles. She had
a chocolate chip waffle & bacon and loved it.
She refused to sit in a booster seat
so she sat at the table with us like a big girl.
After we got home I couldn't stand the
burning/itching anymore so we headed
to quick care and weren't there long at all.
They gave me a prescription so we headed
to Wal-Mart to get it filled and bought
the birthday girl a few things as well.
After we got home it was cake time again and
I think she liked it. The picture below cracks me up.
Looks like she's trying to put the whole thing in her mouth.

It's so good!

We ended her birthday with a quiet night at home,
just the 3 of us...playing, playing & playing!

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Margaret said...

The last picture makes me so happy:) So cute!