Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sicky Icky

What a week....we have been super busy and
I'm ready for things to slow down but I don't
think it will anytime soon. Wednesday Aleigha
started getting a cough again so we took her
to the doctor...upper respiratory infection!
They sent us home with some steroids and
more asthma inhalers and had us do a breathing
treatment on her while in the office. Her doctor
said if we have to come in again with the same
wheezing/coughing spells they will be sending
us home with a nebulizer and diagnose her
as an asthma patient. She said we have been
in there too many times with this over the last year
and it concerns her so atleast we know wht the
deal is now & I can stop worrying so much
as to what is going on with my little love bug.
We were a little early for her appointment so
we stopped by the mall. Gymboree had a great
sale on swimsuits so we got 2 and she had
to have these sunglasses. She wouldn't even take
them off at the doctors office. Everyone thought
she was too cute.

She has spent the weekend at my parents, I seen
her briefly yesterday & I am missing her like
We've had a fun weekend with the
brother-in-law and his girlfriend but I am
so ready to go pick her up. It's nice out today
so we are ending the weekend with a trip
to the park late this afternoon.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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