Saturday, November 7, 2009


My brother & nephew came up to my parents yesterday to spend the weekend & we built a fire. The kids played outside & then we had smores. They had lots of fun & Aleigha ate so much chocolate I was sure she was going to have a belly ache & be up for hours. Today we are taking the kids to the fair for the second time so they can ride the rides. Hopefully I can post some pictures later tonight.

We can't leave Bentley out :)

Trying to ride the scooter

Shooting his gun, such a big boy

Trying to sneak more candy

Roasting his marshmellows


I am just now able to upload pictures from Halloween. Our house flooded with all of the rain so we are temporarily living with my parents. I lost my camera in the process & just found it yesterday. We went to the Boardwalk Halloween night so Aleigha could trick-or-treat.They did things a little different this year so it wasn't as fun as last year but Miss Priss didn't know the difference. She is quite shy in big crowds but warmed up after we were there awhile.

Cutest Raggedy Ann I've ever seen ;)

With Mamaw & Papaw

Waiting in line with Papaw

Taking a break

Eating her candy as fast as she got it

See her mouth is full again

Decided to get out and walk a while

Finally warming up at the end.
They had music playing & she was just a dancing!