Sunday, February 27, 2011

Laying Low

The title explains exactly what we have been doing this week.
Laying Low!
After two weeks of non-stop sickness the sweet pea
is finally back to her fun loving self and we have
been taking it easy this week. Mamaw and Papaw
let her bring this train home that was Tyler's when
he was smaller and she LOVES it. I tried convincing her
to put it in her room but no, it is smack dab in the middle
of the living room but it keeps her entertained. It makes
all kind of train noises & sings the ABC's.

Our nights are filled with long bubble baths!

All ready for daycare.

And it rained that day so when she got home she
grabbed her rubber boots and wanted to splash in
the mud puddles.

Yesterday was the first Mardi Gras parade around here.It's
pretty much a family tradition for us and the weather
was so nice. The kids played and flew kites. We caught
lots of beads, cups & other things. The first thing Aleigha
said when she woke up this morning, with her eyes still
barely shut was "Mommy I wanna go back to the parade."
I think she had fun! 

(Aleigha & my Mom)

Ready to go to Mamaw & Papaw's!

My little Picasso

This sweet child loves to paint!

And she is so serious about it :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sick Valentine

Yesterday morning I sent Aleigha off to daycare with
all of her goodies for their Valentine's Day party.
Only to get a call that she was coughing non stop all
morning so they thought maybe I could just give
hear a breathing treatment and she would be fine,
and not miss her party. Not the case yesterday.
I had to go to school for a test that I couldn't miss
so my mom was going to take her to the doctor for me.
Well her coughing got so bad that she couldn't breath
and started throwing up so my mom took her straight
to quick care because the doctors office was closed
for lunch. She ended up having Croup :( She fell
asleep on the way home and selpt all afternoon so it
was almost 7 last night before we were able to give her
Valentine's to her.

Since Christmas just passed and her birthday is next
month there isn't much that Aleigha needs so I
thought fixing her a little basket of  things that she
was out of or getting low on would be fun for her.

And she loved it!
She got some baby alive diapers and food, new play-doh,
crayons, dry erase crayons (these things are so neat),
coloring books, stickers (her favorite), water paint,
bubbles and crayola bath dropz! And of course
some candy!

 She was so excited going through her stuff.

I'm just glad my little monkey is feeling a little better.
She's still coughing some this morning but it's not as bad.
The steroid prescription must be kicking in because she's
been up since 6:30 playing with play-doh. :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Catch up

School has been keeping me so busy that
I hardly have time to blog. I'm in my psych
rotation so clinicals have been very interesting
so far. I spend lots of time studying and doing
clinical paperwork and it's only been a few weeks
and I'm already ready for a break :)

But when this little monkey gets home from daycare
my attention goes to her. She is such a little
ham. here she is wearing my water boots.

She always has to feed her babies.

We went to my cousin's ballgame last weekend and
Aleigha wanted some candy. I told her she didn't
need any right then and she decided to pout.

Ok looks like Mamaw made it all better. Love that smile!

We played dress up one afternoon and I must
say that she's the cutest princess I've ever
seen :) But I may be a little biased.

On Sunday Aleigha started running fever and woke
up during the night saying her ear hurt. Well I had
class Monday so my parents took her to the doctor
and she had a very bad ear infection. I'm so thankful
I have my parents to lean on when I'm at school and
Henry is at work but I really hate leaving her when 
she's sick. It was cute though, she kept telling us that
"her fever hurt".  She is feeling much better
 now & back to her silly self.