Monday, March 22, 2010

Friend Makin Monday ~ Spring Time

I'm joining in on FMM this week and you should too.
Head over to Amber's to join the fun.
This week were talking about Spring!
1. Favorite things about Spring:
fresh cut grass, playing outside, flowers, fresh cut grass

2. What I'm doing for Spring Break:
take Aleigha to a nearby zoo and spend lots of evenings at the park

3. Favorite Spring flower:
Gerbera Daisies are my absolute favorite

4. Do you have a garden?
No, not yet

5. If so, what do you grow.
I would like to do a small one with tomatoes, banana peppers & strawberries

6. Do you do Spring cleaning?
Yes I do

7. What is your weather *really* like right now? {Just b/c it's "officially" spring, doesn't mean that it feels like it for some of you}
Well this weekend it was snowing & yucky but the rest of the week is looking much better
(I hope it stays nice, my little monkeys party is Saturday)

8. Snapped any weather related photos lately? Share one with us!

9. What's your favorite thing to do on a sunny afternoon?
Play outside with my Monkey & we love to grill when the weather is nice!

10. Favorite TV show right now?
Biggest Loser but I'm so excited for Dancing with the Stars tonight

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