Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Meet Jingle

This was our first year doing Elf on the Shelf
and I must say we had so much fun with it.
I seen the idea for a North Pole Breakfast over
at Little Pumpkin Grace and thought it was to cute,
so that's how our elf made his appearance.

She wasn't to sure at first & wanted to touch him so
bad so Daddy quickly read the book so she would know
what he was all about.

I must say this little guy keep her in line for the
entire month of December.

She named him Jingle!

And Jingle brought her a present (a christmas book).

I have more Jingle pictures to come!

Friday, February 24, 2012


I am finally getting around to posting about December, haha!
I'm gonna try real hard to get caught up & stay that way.

We did a few crafts during December & Aleigha loves
anything that has to do with paint.

I thought it turned out quite cute!

Last year we made the reindeer pillow & decided
to do it again this year. I used the same pillow but opposite
side. She loved doing this!

We decorated a Gingerbread house!

Prettiest one I've ever seen :)

We visited the Rose center to see all the lights
and snow!

She LOVED the singing Christmas tree!

Mamaw & Papaw with the kiddos

They had alot of fun. We left there & went out
for doughnuts & hot chocolate!

We made cute little snow ornaments for the daycare
ladies and I think they turned out very cute! 

And the cute Reindeer for her class party!

My sweet sweet girl! We also made that cute
shirt she's wearing. She was very particular
about which ribbon went where!

More Christmas post to come!