Sunday, January 31, 2010


Aleigha spent the night with my mom & dad Friday night
(my brother & nephew were there also)
so by Saturday morning they were ready to get out of the house.
It's been cold & rainy and the kids hate being cooped up for so long.
They decided to take the kids to Sci-Port. I really wanted
to go but I have a test Monday so I decided to stay home & study
but it looks like they had a great time.

We have a birthday party to attend this afternoon. It's one of
my best friends little girl, Addison. Her & Aleigha are
8 weeks apart and they are also in the same class at daycare.
They are best buddies & I hope they stay that way forever!
I hope everyone had a great weekend :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Girl's Day Out

Aleigha & I had a Girl's Day on Friday.
I picked her up early from daycare and
we went to the Boardwalk to shop & eat!
We had alot of fun & Miss Independent
wanted to walk everywhere instead of ride
in her stroller. She had the most fun by
the huge fountain! I had to drag her
away from it. I can't wait to have
more of these days as she gets older!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Friend Makin Monday ~ My Daybook

If you would like to make a few new friends stop by
and join in on
Friend Makin Monday .
This weeks topic is...

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window...
It's sunny but breezy, a beautiful day to be outside!

I am thinking....
I need to take Aleigha to the doctor for a cough
that started yesterday & now has a runny nose. It
may just be a cold but she just got over a slight
case of pneumonia & it makes me paranoid.
I am thankful...

For Henry having a good job so I am able to focus

on nursing school and spend more time with Aleigha.

I am praying...

for the people in Haiti & that I do good on my test today!

I am reading...

my Anatomy & Physiology book

I am creating...

Aleigha's 1st year scrapbook

(nevermind that she is almost 2)

From the kitchen...

pots & pans from enchilada's last night need scrubbed

Around the house...

you can tell a toddler lives here

One of my favorite things...

coffee & snuggles with Aleigha every morning!

A few plans for the rest of the week...

study for another test, get my oil changed,

go birthday shopping for one of Aleigha's friends,

and hopefully finish cleaning out Aleigha's closet!

Who Dat, Who Dat

We got all geared up ready to watch the
beat the
last night but one little trooper didn't care
one bit about football. All she kept doing was bringing
the remote to us saying "Melmo"! And being that
she has to be in the same room with us at all times
we had to figure out what we were gonna do.
Portable dvd player it is. So this little lady
got to watch Elmo.

It was a close game but we watched the
Saints win 31-28 & our boys
are headed to the Super Bowl.
Who Dat! Who Dat!
2009 NFC Champions

Friday, January 22, 2010

Feels like Spring Lately

With night classes & Henry having to work over it has been one busy week. I'm glad the night class is over because I hate not being home for Aleigha's bedtime but I think she enjoyed her afternoons with Daddy. The weather has been so nice this week which means lots of playing outside for Aleigha. She does not like being couped up inside so were thankful for it warming up a little.

This first picture cracks me up!

She found some paci's from her first few months &

stuck it right in her mouth. I thought it was too cute!

We took my Pop to dinner for his birthday

last Saturday but this picture of Tyler & Aleigha is the only
one I took but I think its so cute of them.
Riding his scooter in the ditch

She has a new obsession with boots.
Notice in the pic below she is wearing
Tyler's cowboy boots.
Playing outside :)
Ignore her pajamas, it was pajama day at daycare

Getting to the top of the slide

And she made it...

And there she goes

And this little guy got a much needed
haircut today. Poor thing couldn't even
see anymore.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lots & Lots

Has been going on lately and we've been kind of busy. Going out of town for Christmas, coming home & getting geared up & registering for nursing school, being cooped up inside because it has been so cold & Aleigha being sick with a mild case of pneumonia for a week. So I'll just share the last few weeks in pictures.

On the way to Alabama to celebrate
Christmas with Henry's family

Normally it takes Aleigha awhile to warm up but
not this time, she was so happy all week playing
with her cousins & "jumping" on the trampoline
Christmas morning! Santa came to visit again!
However she wasn't very intersted in her own toys.
She wanted to play with the big girls toys.
Nana made pancakes Christmas morning.

Here she is sitting in the Salon chair

Playing with a barbie remote control car,
she loved this thing! I told you she wanted
nothing to do with her toys :)
Henry's sister took us to the mountains,
it was beautiful up there! And yes our ears
were popping on the way up.
We came home after a week visit and cousin
Tyler spent the night for the first time!

We got to visit with my aunt & uncle from
Oklahoma & open more presents

We celebrated New Year's Eve with family
at my parents house. Aleigha loved the sparklers.
As soon as it would die out she would start
fussing for another one!
Temperatures starting dropping as it did
all across the country so we have spent
lots of time inside. Normally I'll give her play doh
to play with while I'm getting breakfast or
dinner together but lately we play with it often.
Cute little catepillar
{Aleigha kept calling the circles pancakes}

Aleigha got all sorts of princess high heels for Christmas
and she absolutely loves them. For some reason she always
goes for the yellow pair. It never gets old seeing her running
in the room with these little high heels on. It puts a smile
on my face everytime.
She also has a fascination with purses and gum!
Little monkey snuck in the kitchen & got my purse
off the table and was digging for gum quite rapidly
so she didnt get caught. I just loved this picture though
with her heels on digging in momma's purse :)
Daddy was playing the Wii one night & she lined
up some her babies to watch. How cute!

This is what she does all day, she goes around
demolishing every room and I go behind her
picking up.
Also Aleigha is officially in the 2 year old class at daycare {tear}!
No longer does she sleep in a crib, she sleeps like a big
girl on a mat on the floor. They also do not put her in
a highchair to eat, she sits at the little table and eats like a big girl.
She adjusted very well and loves her new class alot. I think
she adjusted better than I did!