Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Picture

I haven't had time to post until now but this was Aleigha's Christmas picture. After almost an hour of being there, through all the crying and acting shy we finally got one good shot. You can't even really tell she had been crying so that was a plus also.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Santa came early

Yes Santa left the North Pole and came to visit our house early.
He knew there was no way we would be able to bring
all of her presents back home from Alabama. How nice of him, right?

She wasn't so sure about all of her new toys

She warmed up a little and decided
to see what was going on, now maybe she
can leave my broom alone & play with hers

Santa knew her other babydoll stroller broke

Oh look a shopping cart

Pushing baby elmo around

and the kitchen is her new favorite

Merry Christmas from us to you!
And Nana had a little toddler
recliner shipped here and Aleigha loves it!
And I think Santa may still stop by in Alabama to visit ;)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Some Things Never Change

Aleigha Meets Santa 2008
Aleigha Reunites with Santa 2009
(you cant tell to well from the picture but she was NOT happy)

As you can see, some things never change!

City of Lights

We went to the City of Lights this weekend and had oh so much fun. It is almost 2 hours away but so worth the drive and Aleigha was so good. It wasn't too cold, the weather was great. We walked the shops downtown, got to see Santa, ate meat pies & watched the fireworks. I'm hoping to make this a family tradition every year with Aleigha. We went all the time growing up & I want to do the same with her. It was Henry & Aleigha's first time going & they both loved it!

Sitting in Santa's Sleigh

All of these beautiful lights line the Cane River

Aleigha & Victoria

Walking the shops in bricktown

We found a nice little hill to sit on waiting for
the fireworks & Aleigha seen some kids running
down it, well she wanted to do the same & I'll just
say that I am so thankful Victoria was there with us
so I didn't have to go down & back up that hill with her!
Waiting on the fireworks to start

She loves the fireworks

Victoria, Granny, Aunt Buddy & Uncle Glen

Henry, Me, Momma & Daddy

Santa came up & started talking to her & surprisingly
she didn't cry. She could see the river from there &
was trying to tell him about the "wa-wa". I know,
too cute right!
I'm still so shocked that she didnt start crying
We had a great time & cant wait to go back next year!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Fun

Wow, this week has gone by so fast. We took Aleigha to see Santa Tuesday night and let's just say that picture deserves a post of it's own :) I finally finished up our Christmas shopping this week also. Aleigha has her Christmas party at daycare today so my Mom came over yesterday & we made some Christmasy sugar cookies. They turned out really cute. I also finished up making some cute little ornaments (idea came from Kelly over at Kelly's Korner) for the kids in Aleigha's class and I just love them. We are taking Aleigha to Natchitoches this weekend to see their Christmas lights. It's almost 2 hours away but we used to go every year with my parents when we were growing up and it is so much fun. They have a little North Pole set up down by the river and all sorts of stuff going on down there. Can you tell I'm excited? Henry has never been either so I'm excited that he'll get to go as well. We are also celebrating Christmas with my parents this weekend since we will be spending Christmas day with Henry's family. Busy busy weekend ahead but that just comes with Christmas time right?

She was running from me for some reason

Even though it's freezing way down here in
the south she still wants to play outside

I have no explanation why she was laying
on a Christmas present but I sure thought it was cute

Doing what she does best - messing the Christmas tree up!
Between her & Bentley the bottom foot of the tree is destroyed

No cookies before breakfast :)

Ready for her Christmas party!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


We haven't been up to much lately. Mainly we've been staying home, watching Christmas shows and drinking hot chocolate or apple cider (which Aleigha seems to love) at night. On Saturday we went to the local Christmas festival. I would say Aleigha had a good time. It was so cold so she just rode in the wagon all covered up with blankets. She really liked the fireworks & wasn't scared at all. Afterwards we went over to a friends house for pizza & the kids played til after 10. On Sunday we put together a gingerbread house. Aleigha didnt care to much about "putting" it together or decorating it. She did help a little but mostly she just wanted to eat the candy & lick the icing. I've seen a few Christmas craft ideas on blogs lately & we will be working on some in the next week.
Watching tv with Daddy

At the local Christmas Festival

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Catching Up

It feels like I haven't updated in forever but I guess I really haven't. We finally got moved back in our house after the flood, so thankful there was not alot of damage. Aleigha had a cold a few weeks ago and she finally got over it. Her vocabulary is growing more & more, it seems like she learns new words everyday that are actually understandable. She is growing to actually. Even though she lost weight when she was sick her 18 month pants are starting to get a little short on her. Also, yesterday when I picked her up from daycare they said she would be moving up to the 2 year old class soon. :( I am not looking forward to it at all. It's all going by way to fast, I wish it would just slow down. I don't have many pictures from the last month because things have been so crazy but here's a few from the last week.
Just looking cute
Thanksgiving day went by really fast it seems
& this is one of the only pictures I got. When we got
to my Granny's she was being really shy & just sat in my
moms lap forever.
Henry's family came for Thanksgiving & we
had alot of fun. When they got here I told the kids
we could make smores before they left & that's
all I heard everyday until we did it.
They had never done it before & loved
every bit of it

Aleigha with all of her cousins

Also, after a year of sleeping with us were trying
to get her to sleep in her bed again. As you
can see the look on her face it's not
going so well!
Getting ready for daycare this morning

Maybe now that we are back home I can get back into the swing of things :)