Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Since we've been stuck inside for days now due to
the rain we have been working on some crafts.
I see lots of crafts on blogs & if it's something
that I think Aleigha would like we try it out.

At daycare they do a letter of the week in her
class so I'm trying to work on that same letter
with her at home. This week at school they
are working on the letter R so we made some
Rainbow R's!

all you need is glue (Aleigha's favorite part) and
some construction paper!

She had alot of fun with this. I would tell her which
color to get & she would lay it down.

Let them dry & cut them out and there you have it!

I also seen a cute little Valentine's mobile and
thought it would be cute to make & hang in her
room so I got out some construction paper &
thread & we got to work. I think it turned out cute!

What crafts have you been working on lately?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Back on Schedule

Since our snow last week has faded and
gone far away the rain has come and will not
seem to stop. So we've had lots of time
playing inside and dressing up and playing
barbies and toenail painting.

With clinicals starting back up tomorrow I've
been trying to soak up all the time I can with Henry
and Aleigha. I am nervous and excited to start 2nd
level but I know I can do it. When Aleigha got home
Friday afternoon we made a little Valentine's banner.
I had planned on hanging it in her room but she insisted
it be hung in the kitchen.

On Saturday we headed to my parents to spend the day.
My dad is finally home for a few days and the kids
loved wrestling & playing with him.

These pictures make me smile because there are some
just like these of me & my brother when we
were younger wrestling with my Dad on the
living room floor. :)

Pretty much we had a lazy weekend full of movies,
football and staying in pajamas all day. But now
it's time to get organized and back on schedule with
school starting tomorrow. I hope everyone has a great

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day

On Monday we had a snow day down here
in Louisiana. It's very rare for us but when it
does happen we love it.

We went outside to play a little right when it

Aleigha wasn't to sure about it at first and didn't like
that it was accumulating on her swingset.

She had fun while we were out there but it didn't last
long. She was ready to go back inside.

So we went in & made peanut butter cookies and
hot chocolate to warm up. :)

I wish we had more snowy days down here. I follow so
many blogs from up north & the snow is beautiful but
let me tell you, when we get a little snow around here
people freak out so maybe it's best that ours only
comes every few years, ha!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas Day

After spending Christmas morning at home we loaded
up & headed to my Granny's house in the country to
spend time with family. It was nice getting to relax
and visit with family. Aleigha loved playing with her
birthday cake that my Granny got her. It was a hit with
all of the kids.

Family Picture

Our crew minus my Daddy, wish he could of been
there but he had to go back to work

Late that afternoon we headed home because Henry's
family was on their way. The fun continued. Aleigha
had so much fun playing with her cousins.

And we got to spend lots of time with Henry's mom.
I wish they lived closer but for now we just soak up the
time we have with them.

Nana got her a little scooter!

The kids went crazy opening gifts. It was a mad house,
they were all so excited.

And then it was time to get a game of Wii Bowling
going. Aleigha even had to get in on the action.

And then all the kids danced to the Michael Jackson
Wii game. I loved it. It was so cute watching them try
to do all of his moves.

We had such a great week while they were here and was
so sad when it was time for the to go home!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas Morning

I was so excited for Christmas morning because I knew
this is the first year that Aleigha actually got the whole
Santa is coming deal. She didn't even know what to
think when she came in & seen what Santa left. We
had such a fun morning playing with all of her
 new toys. Santa knew she had outgrown all of
her baby toys & he was extra nice this year.

She just stood there for a minute when she first walked in there.

Checking out her new dollhouse.

Her new art easel is another favorite around here!

Emptying out her stocking finding all the goodies in there!

She loved her new backpack!

And her Tinkerbell tutu & wings!

But I think her favorite is her baby doll highchair and
baby alive doll that you feed. We play with this every
single day.

Papaw went back to work so Mamaw & Pop stopped
by to see what Santa brought!

We had such a great Christmas morning at home playing
with our little monkey. But then we had to get ready & head
down to my Grannys house for Christmas lunch and family time.
I'll post more about that later.

Christmas Eve

What a rough few weeks it has been. Right after Christmas
Aleigha & I got sick with the flu & we stayed sick
for 10 darn days. Like couldn't get out of bed sick.
On top of the flu we had  a little virus along with it.
Needless to say we are doing alot better and so happy
to have the flu behind us so I'm trying to play catch up
on some Christmas post.

Christmas Eve morning we all gathered in the kitchen
to make some cookies for Santa.

Mamaw came over & helped us decorate also.

Now were all ready for Santa to come.

That evening we went to my parents to celebrate with
them and we had so much fun. We grilled steak and
chicken, and had baked potatoes and salad, it was
so yummy. After that we all opened gifts and Aleigha
helped every single one of us with our gifts. It was so
cute. We were all blessed with so much thanks to my parents.

Aleigha loved her talking Woody the best.

Later that night we headed home to get one little
monkey snugged in the bed so Santa could come!