Monday, March 1, 2010

Stomach Bug

I have been hoping & praying that Aleigha wouldn't

get it but she was up all Friday night throwing up.

Saturday morning she woke up wanting her coffee-milk

like nothing had ever happened.

I still wouldn't let her have it because I knew

she didnt need milk. She ran around playing all day

and I was so shocked at how fast and well

she got over it. Sunday my mom, brother & nephew

came by and Aleigha wanted to leave with them

so we packed her bag & off she went. Well I think

it was for the best because a few hours after she was

gone I got sick. I dont ever remember feeling this

bad from a stomach bug but it is


But I'm feeling a little better today & excited

for my little monkey to be home in

just a little bit. I hope everyone is having a

great Monday!

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