Friday, March 16, 2012

Eli's 7th Birthday

Eli's 7th birthday was this past weekend and
we had a blast. I haven't skated in probably 15 years
and it was obvious but we all had such a
good time including the birthday boy!

Aleigha skating with papaw

Tripp just soaked up the attention he was getting
from everyone.

Lil Ray & Aleigha

Poor baby had no idea that everytime one of us
fell it was to keep her from falling :)

Blowing out his candles...

I love the way their little arms go in every different
direction to keep balance!

Poor Tyler probably fell more than anyone but he was
such a trooper & never gave up.

The 3 amigos! We've decided that we'll start taking the
kids skating more often. Growing up we went
all the time & I think it will be fun to watch our
kids do the same!


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