Friday, March 2, 2012

Christmas at Mom & Dad's

We all celebrated Christmas at my parents the
day before Christmas Eve. It was alot of fun and
the kids had a blast opening up their presents. My
cousin Victoria came with her boyfriend also.

My mom cooked tons of food so we ate and then
gathered in the living room to open gifts.

Aleigha is a Justin Bieber fan, I have no idea where
it came from or how she learned about him but
we just embrace it. Victoria & her boyfriend Daniel
bought Aleigha 2 Justin Biever cd's months ago
so it was only fitting for them to buy her, her first
posters of who else, Justin Bieber! She loved
them & yes they hang in her room. I just knew
I wouldn't have to deal with posters until atleast
middle school :(

Babygirl got her first pair of cowgirl boots & she
was in love!

Tripp slept the night away

Aleigha opened her presents & help everyone
else too!

Eli & Tyler got lots of new fun stuff!

Mamaw & Papaw also got her a DS so she doesn't
have to bother the boys anymore :)

And she got more dress-up clothes!

Christmas was so much fun with my family and
we are so blessed to have them! They spoil us
in so many ways & I think we'd all be a little
lost without them.

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