Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bunco & Newborns...More from December

I had a friend get a group of ladies together
for monthly Bunco and I was asked to host
December. It was my first time ever playing
& my Mom actually played also because someone
couldn't make it. It was SO much fun! I look
forward to it every month now but because of
clinicals being at night some months I cant play.
I enjoyed having all the ladies over though!

We also spent lots of time loving on my sweet
nephew, Tripp.

All that newborn sweetness. These pictures seem
foreign now because his looks have changed
so much. He is so special to me!

Miss Priss spent alot of time like this. She was
amazed at the Christmas tree & rearranged the
ornaments on the botth 1/3 of the tree daily!

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