Saturday, March 17, 2012

Board Games & Bunco

I started my last rotation of clinicals this past week
and I'm scheduled for nights again :( I dont mind
them so much and it's only 2 nights a week
but it cuts into the princesses time and it's hard
for her to adjust. I just happened to get out early
this week both nights and my teacher said to go
study but I couldn't pass up the afternoon with
my sugar so I went home & we played!!! Board
games are her FAVORITE, and she actually
beats me & her Daddy!

Sleeping like an angel. She sleeps so good once she
is out but GOOD GRIEF she is so hard to
get to sleep. She fights it like nobody else! I get
so irritated sometimes at the fight we put up
to get her to sleep but once I see her laying
there so peacefully I dont even think about
the struggle!

The second night I got out early just happened to
be BUNCO night, yay!!!! My Mom plays for me
when I have school but since I got out early she
kept Aleigha & I went ahead and played! I'm so
glad I did. Bunco is fastly becoming my favorite
night of the month. I look forward to seeeing
all the ladies & we have so much fun!

Kelly & Lindsey got Bunco's & looked
super cute in the St. Patty's day hat!

I got 2nd most wins & won this super cute
watering can! I'm in LOVE!

And Aleigha stayed at Mamaw's and played an
Angry Bird's board game with Eli! From the looks
of this pic my sis-in-law took she was being a
little mischievious ;)

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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