Monday, April 26, 2010

Air Show

Yesterday we headed to the local air force base
for the annual air show. The weather was nice,
a little windy, but we had a great time. Aleigha
wasn't so sure when we first got there but she
warmed up quickly.

Here she is sitting & watching planes with Daddy.

Finding shade under one of the plane wings!

We met up with my brother, nephew & some friends
Here they are going up in one of the planes that carries troops

Tyler & Aleigha

Tyler wasn't so sure about this fake guy at first
he said that he looked mean, ha!

Here they are laying on the cots

Isn't she cute with her army hat!

Taking a break to play with their toy airplanes

And the show ended with the thunderbirds

I stayed busy tending to the kids & making sure
they had sunscreen on & everything that I totally
forgot about myself so I'm a little sunburnt today :(
It was still a fun day, can't wait for next years show!


Dave and Mandy said...

its so funny that me and my husband worked/work on Air Force jets and I've never been to a show lol. Not sure why we never went to the one there growing up...

Dave and Mandy said...

hey, how do you put when your friends have last updated their blogs beside their blog name (on yours)? Hope you understood that lol You can e-mail and let me know. (not sure if my e-mail shows up...)

Molly said...

what adorable kiddos! that looks like fun! do all air force bases have a yearly show?