Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bath Time In the Sink

About a week or so ago Aleigha was messy
and we were in the kitchen so I just put
her in the sink & rinsed her off. Well boy did
I start something. Ever since then all she wants
to do is bath in the sink. I'll try to put her in
the bathroom and she runs to the kitchen
and say "no dis one" and points to the sink.

(i love this picture, she's got her feet all propped up like she's sun bathing)
She absolutely loves it. When she was a baby
I bathed her in the sink all the time and I
kinda miss it but this is a different story.
You cant just put water in there and let her play.
She wants the water running

So I bath her and then I give her some cups
and bowls and she plays in the sink for about an
hour everytime. And I stand right there and watch.

Also, when we were at my Granny's this weekend
for Easter, I bet you'll never guess where she
wanted to bath when the time came around....
yep, the bathroom sink. She liked it even better
than ours because it's one of those older really
really deep ones. I dont know how this will last
but for now we'll just enjoy the fact that she still
fits in the sink :)

1 comment:

Erin said...

ha ha too cute! alex loves to play in the sink like that!