Friday, April 23, 2010

This and That

Wooohooo, I finally got my computer fixed,
something was stopping me from getting online
& we haven't been able to figure it out for over a week
but I fixed it this morning. I could of blogged from
Henry's computer but, well I've been lazy and
a little occupied with this busy little bee.

Kind of sad that she needs her
morning coffee like we do ;)
Papaw is still out of town working so Mamaw
has been spending quite a few night over here
with us and her & Aleigha spend alot of time
talking to Papaw on the phone
The other day Bentley took off towards the front
door and started barking, Aleigha got so excited
saying "Papaw's here", how cute....and sad!
Baby girl is missing her Papaw

We were watching DWTS Monday night and

she decided to show off a little with her dancing

Dareion came & spend last weekend with us

and I dont think she could of been any happier

to see her cousin

The weather has been great the last few weeks
so we have spend alot of time outside doing

and this....
(she finally learned how to drive herself)

and we can't forget blowing bubbles!
I have to say if this child loves one thing it
would be her bubbles!

And we've spend a little time inside....

I'm super glad it's Friday, we have a some what
busy weekend ahead. The anual air show is coming
to town so were taking the kids and Saturday night
is a very good friend's suprise birthday party!
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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