Monday, May 3, 2010

Happy Monday

What a weekend we had! On Friday night
we head to my parents for dinner, my brother
and nephew were there for the weekend so
Aleigha & Tyler got to play...until 11 pm...
she passed out on the way home.
Henry had a softball tournament on Saturday
so Aleigha & I headed back to my parents
to play a little.
They let Tyler ride the lawn mower & he wanted
to pull Aleigha in the wagon so bad, so we let him.

I left Aleigha and went home to get ready
for a crawfish boil some friends were having
and oh did we have fun. I don't think I've
laughed that much in a very long time.
On Sunday Aleigha came home early & went
spent the whole day out & about.
First we headed to the Boardwalk for a little
shopping. Here she is loving on Daddy.

(how cute is she with her little Dora purse)
I dont even bother bringing her stroller anymore
because she loves these little rent-a-cars.

We left there and headed to the park. The
water side opened up on the 1st & I forgot
so she didn't have her swimsuit on but it wouldn't
of mattered anyway. She would get close but
as soon as the water sprayed up she would
run right back to us. Maybe next time!

So we played in the sand instead.

Your going the wrong way monkey!

She had a fun day playing in the sun.
We had a little more shopping to do after we
left the park so needless to say we were
all a little tired by the time we got home.
I hope everyone is having a fabulous Monday!

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