Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pre-K Graduate

Last Friday my nephew, Tyler, graduated Pre-K.
We are so proud of him, he's such a smart little booger.

Here he is after getting his diploma!

The graduate & I

Right after his graduation I headed straight to the doctor's
office with Aleigha. She had a barky cough  that would
not stop. She had croup :( She was just getting over
that & Tuesday night she started running high fever so we went
back to the doctor & her white count was 30,000...way to high.
So this little bacterial infection has caused her to get a shot
yesterday & 1 again today. She's feeling much better this
afternoon & I'm so thankful. I hate when my monkey is sick.
Other than that it has been an uneventful week. I hope
everyone has had a better week than us, I'm looking forward
to a very lazy weekend!

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Candice said...

I hope Aleigha is feeling better!!