Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Happy 16 Months

Today our little love turns 16 months. She is such a joy to be around lately (well not that she isn't normally) but lately she has been the most giddy happy baby around. She thinks everything is so funny. She has gotten lots better at playing by herself, not needing me sitting with her every moment to have a good time. She is growing like a weed also. All of her 12 month bottoms still fit but the tops are a different story. Some still fit however others stop at her belly button :) My parents kept her this past weekend & went they brought her home I promise it seemed as if she had grown 4 inches. She is kind of coming out of her food strike, starting to eat more. She loves blueberries, plums, cantaloupe, strawberry-banana applesauce, apple yogurt & last night I learned that she loves ranch dressing. She knows all of her outter body parts. She also knows simple instructions as her daycare teacher has told me. When Aleigha is being bad, she tells her to go to timeout & Aleigha does just that...she goes to the corner. Sad but cute, my poor baby getting put in timeout .

Her Candy box

The ranch dressing I was talking about

Taking candy from daddy

Sitting on her stool looking in her toy box

Then she got in the toy box

Sleeping Beauty

Putting make-up on with momma before work

She thinks it's fun

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kelly said...

aren't they just so much fun at this age! It only gets better! You do have to over look a little more fit throwing as she gets older! Fun none the less!