Monday, July 20, 2009

The Wash

Last week we got Aleigha this cool little blow up car wash but haven't had the time to blow it up until this weekend. While Daddy worked outside I blowed it up for her and, well, let's just she kinda liked it. It didn't help that it was cool outside, well cool for us being in the upper 80's. I didn't take the time to put her bathing suit on her, I just let her play in the water in her clothes. But when I pushed her under "The Wash" on her tricyle, she looked at me with those sad eyes, with water sprinling all over her like please getmeouttahererightnow. It'll be back to our normal, upper 90's, soon enough & the water will be warmer again so maybe she'll like "The Wash" a little better.

Isn't it cute

Her own little car tricyle wash

Please momma get me outta here

Bath tub fun

All those bath toys & she wants her brush to play with

She also spent the night at Mamaw & Papaws because
me & Henry were painting the outside of our house


Jacqueline said...

Oh my gosh that car wash is so cute! She'll have tons of fun in that when it gets hotter again!

MyCrazyWonderfulLife said...

The little car wash thingy is soo cool..never seen one b4!

Erin said...

That Wash is awesome :) You can find those Halloween costumes at Chasing Fireflies!