Monday, July 6, 2009

Baby girl's 15 month check-up

Last Thursday was a busy day and it was time again to take Aleigha to the doctor. We didn't have to wait long before being called back, but much to my surprise expecting to go straight towards the room the nurse stopped us at the "big kid" scale. Yep that's right, we no longer have to strip her down naked & wrap her in those uncomfortable screeching pads & transport her out to a room full of other nurses & doctors to be weighed. But she was a good sport. She got up on the scale weighing in at 24 lbs (50th percentile). Once back in the room she was measured at 31 1/2" tall (60th percentile)and head circumfrence at 18 1/2" (60th percentile). So she is still in good proportion. Dr. H noted that she was advanced for her age because of how many words she knew, and her great fine motor skills. I’m very proud. She got three painful immunizations in her little arms & thigh. We were both brave but she did cry scream for a while from the pain & shock. She got a sucker for being so good & quickly forgot about all the trauma. Some other things you might like to know...she can point out her nose, eyes, ears, mouth, teeth, piggys (toes) & her belly button. She loves Malt-o-meal, apple yogurt, glazed carrots, cheetos, peaches, plums, oranges & french toast. She absolutely loves to be outside and she loves to stay the night with Mamaw & Papaw.

Her new thing is climbing up on the fireplace

So peaceful

Theres something in that purse & she wants it
Notice her war wounds from doctors visit

And that's just priceless...slobber & all!

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~Cynthia Griffin~ said...

Love the pic with the shades too cute. Im glad she is doing well you must be a proud mommy :)