Friday, May 29, 2009

My Main Man

He Is :

A Son, a brother, a uncle, a father

The love of my life

A hands on father

A lover, not a fighter

However he does love to argue

A hard worker

Dedicated to his family

Learning to grill

A hamburger meat eating fool

Becoming obsessed with his yard

My Best Friend

You Will Find Him :

Mowing the yard

Watching Sports (any of them)

Playing Madden

Loving on Aleigha

Making pancakes on the weekends

Staying up late

He Has :

The prettiest brown eyes

The biggest heart

A thing for his mom's meat loaf

A great sense of humor

A love for fast food

A passion for electronics

And His Finger wrapped around his daughter

He Is :

A lover of ESPN

Very laid back and easy going

A homebody

A late sleeper and a breakfast lover

Sweet tea drinking and softball playing

Down to earth

Addicted to Movies

Extremely knowledgeable of Computers ( or any electronic )

He Is My Main Man

He Is An Amazing Father

He Is My Lover, My Friend and My Partner

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