Friday, May 1, 2009

Catching up

I know I get behind on updating this blog. It is hard to carve out the time to do it. I am hoping to get better at it. I feel like I am falling behind in updating on Aleigha. She loves those touch and feel books, one in particular that has animals in it. She is picking up new words all the time, some new one's lately are cracker, chi chen (chicken), quack quack, ty ty (tyler), hot, and stop to name a few. She isn't into tv that much but likes Barney when were in the car. She loves chicken, spaghetti, cucumbers, grapes, oranges & bananas. She loves loves loves to dance. It is funny, when music comes on the radio or tv she stops what she's doing do break it down. She loves keys, and the car, and the steering wheel in the car. She could sit there for hours. She likes water. I let her play in the sink while I cook in the afternoons and she loves it. I am going to get her a water table this summer for hours of fun :0)

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