Friday, May 22, 2009

Family Fun

This past weekend we went to Texarkana to visit Henry's brother, Uncle Peanut, and his girlfriend Stephanie & their kids. We had a blast. Aleigha had lots of fun playing among her cousins. On Saturday we took all the kids to a local park to play, grill hot dogs and have a good time. That was until Saturday night Aleigha came down with a bug. She was supposed to start daycare on Monday but we kept her home to be safe and let her start on Tuesday. Little did we know that even though she wasn't throwing up any more she was still sick and ended up getting a few kids in her class sick as well, one of whom is my good friend Lindsey's daughter, Addison. I felt so terrible...I sent my baby to daycare sick. I knew she was still kinda puney & not really eating but she seemed better. That darn virus lasted all week. All is well now & she is feeling much better. Maybe the rain want stop us from going to the park tomorrow.


Swinging with Daddy

Oh my, I dont even wanna know what she has in her mouth

Going up the slide

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Margaret said...

Your pictures are so cute!