Friday, May 1, 2009

Miss America

Well last weekend Aleigha was in the Gusher Day's Pageant. I wasn't crazy about it because I dont want to pressure her into those things, she can make those choices when she gets older but with a little pressure from family & friends I gave in and entered her. She did quite well for her first pageant. She walked out all by herself without me having to hold her so I was impressed with that alone however she didn't smile not even once. Well then we all had to walk out as a group and everything was going okay until she seen her Daddy & Papaw to the side filming it all. She tried to go towards them & I pulled her back, well that ticked her off so she fell out kicking and pitching a fit, showing her panties to all that were looking. Yes, you heard right the only child to throw a fit was mine and needless to say she got 2nd runner up. I was quite proud of my gorgeous, tantrum throwing, panty showing, no smiling baby girl. I didn't get any pics on my camera and Henry was filming it so I'll have to get them off my moms camera & upload later.

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