Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

We started our weekend off by heading to Memphis
to pick up our nieces, they will be staying with us for
a month. So with that being a 5 hour drive we spent the
majority of Saturday in a car.

Here's Aleigha having way to much fun with her bar-b-q sauce!

Saturday and Sunday we headed to my parents
house to do a little of this

(they all love riding the golf cart, I think it's the best
thing my parents ever bought)

And the rest of our time was spent in the pool.
I think the kids stayed in there 6 or 7 hours each
day. They are like little fish.

Here's Ms. Braveheart herself :)

And little miss Zahria isn't scared of a thing either.
She'll jump in head first without a second thought.

And then there is Kiana, she's a different story. She
got a little more brave before the weekend was over
but not much.

Addi came over to swim also & Aleigha was so glad!

Here's Miss Priss talking on the phone...how cute
is she with her arms crossed?!?

So that's how our weekend went...lots of swimming, playing
and eating! Daddy was home an extra day so that made
the weekend even better. I hope everyone had a great


Erin said...

sounds like a fun weekend! I have so many posts its going to take me forever to get caught up. Love her crossed arms :)

Annie said...

ha!! i love that last picture!!! she is a doll! :)
glad ya'll had a great weekend!!