Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Road Trip

This past weekend we went to visit Henry's brother & family. We had a great time & Aleigha was so good all weekend. Aleigha amazes me so much. While we are at home she stays right up under me or her Daddy at all times for the most part. Not this weekend, while we were there she played with the kids the entire weekend. She would come out of the room here & there to check in but mainly stayed in there & played. We were watching football Saturday night & she ran in there to pretty much just make sure we were there & ran back to the room to play. Henry & I were talking about how she is becoming such a big girl.

I was getting stuff out of the fridge & freezer
before we left to get her snacks packed & she
grabbed a popsicle. Well it wasn't the best
thing for her to have but I knew it would by me
a little time to help Henry finish packing
& loading the car. And it worked, not to
mention she enjoyed every single bit of it!

Theres my big girl!

Playing with the big kids. They trashed poor
Landon's room all weekend long but they
had so much fun playing together.
Watching a movie

And eating popcorn!

I can't tell you in words how much
I LOVE this little girl!

To the Moon & Back, yes indeed!

Even when she gives me that mean face
because she is sick of me taking pictures!

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Margaret said...

So precious! :) She is such a big girl.