Thursday, June 11, 2009

Heart Appointment

Last year at Aleigha's 1 month check-up her pediatrician informed us that she "heard" something & was pretty sure it was a heart murmur. She scheduled Aleigha an appointment with one of the few pediatric heart doctors in Shreveport so we waited a long 2 months before we could get in. I think I was more nervous during these few months than I had ever been. Even though Dr. H had said that it was probably nothing & even if it was a heart murmur that it would probably not cause any problems & eventually go away. Well she was right, at Aleigha's heart appointment, the doctor said that it was an "innocent" heart murmur & by the time she was a year old it would probably be gone so he would just see us back then. That brings us to date, her appointment is tomorrow & I'm praying that it is gone but at the same time I feel so much guilt. I follow some very sad blogs, that are absolutely heartbreaking. To hear of all the struggle & pain they go through is awful. Their babies suffer from very serious heart, lung, etc... conditions and to read some of these blogs is so touching because the parents seem so strong while dealing with everything they have on their plate & I'm not so sure I would be as strong as they are. All I can do is pray for these families & I do, but here I am wishing Aleigha's appointment goes well tomorrow that just consist of an innocent heart murmur, and that is why I feel so guilty. I thank God everyday for giving me a healthy baby!

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~Cynthia Griffin~ said...

I hope your baby's appointment went well and I bet you would be a wonderful parent regardless of the news.