Saturday, December 4, 2010

Holiday Cheer

Aleigha can be such a little ham. After I put
her pajamas on the other night she got
so excited because Santa was on them. She
was running around and being super silly.

And lets not mention the matching hat.
She L.O.V.E.D. it!
She was asking for it in her sleep during
the night and even wore it to daycare the
next day. I love how she relates things.
She got a plastic Santa from my parents
house but doesn't call it Santa. She refers
to it and every other Santa as a
Christmas! :)

We are headed to Texas this afternoon
to ride The Polar Express and I am
so excited. Hope everyone is having a
great weekend!

1 comment:

Annie said...

she is SOOO cute!! i love her pj's and little hat, adorable :)
i hope you guys are having a fun weekend!! :) riding the polar express sounds amazingly fun!!!