Wednesday, August 11, 2010

More of July

Once my dad got out of ICU we were able to take
Aleigha to visit him. She wasn't to sure at first but
she warmed up a little.

We bought Papaw some candy & balloons!

Other than frequent trips to the hospital we spent
time dancing in the rain....

and going to the park.

Tyler and his fake smile :)

We got out her carwash from last year and she
enjoyed that.

One afternoon we were playing outside and
she wanted in her sand/water table so I
let her. She plays with this thing alot but I
think this is the longest she ever played in it.
Who knew getting in it would be so much fun!
She got wet from the water and ended up playing
in the nude :)

My friend Kelly is a Scentsy seller so I had a
party and invited friends and family and we
had so much fun. Our stuff should be in this
week and I can't wait!

My Aunt Buddy came for the party and brought
Aleigha a gift sack full of candy. She didn't know where
to start in that bag. She pulled everything out. She
loves her candy!

We also went to a skating birthday party for a friends
little girl. Here's Aleigha & Addison in their skates.
I thought they were so cute. Aleigha didn't want
them on at first but once we got them on her she
didn't want to take them off. She had alot of fun at
Harleigh's party!

That just about sums up last I can try to
get back on a regular schedule of blogging. I hope
everyone is having a great week!

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