Wednesday, December 9, 2009


We haven't been up to much lately. Mainly we've been staying home, watching Christmas shows and drinking hot chocolate or apple cider (which Aleigha seems to love) at night. On Saturday we went to the local Christmas festival. I would say Aleigha had a good time. It was so cold so she just rode in the wagon all covered up with blankets. She really liked the fireworks & wasn't scared at all. Afterwards we went over to a friends house for pizza & the kids played til after 10. On Sunday we put together a gingerbread house. Aleigha didnt care to much about "putting" it together or decorating it. She did help a little but mostly she just wanted to eat the candy & lick the icing. I've seen a few Christmas craft ideas on blogs lately & we will be working on some in the next week.
Watching tv with Daddy

At the local Christmas Festival

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Margaret said...

I love the picture of her sitting on the floor eating:) Its too cute. I've always wanted to make a gingerbread house! I need to do it sometime