Monday, December 21, 2009

City of Lights

We went to the City of Lights this weekend and had oh so much fun. It is almost 2 hours away but so worth the drive and Aleigha was so good. It wasn't too cold, the weather was great. We walked the shops downtown, got to see Santa, ate meat pies & watched the fireworks. I'm hoping to make this a family tradition every year with Aleigha. We went all the time growing up & I want to do the same with her. It was Henry & Aleigha's first time going & they both loved it!

Sitting in Santa's Sleigh

All of these beautiful lights line the Cane River

Aleigha & Victoria

Walking the shops in bricktown

We found a nice little hill to sit on waiting for
the fireworks & Aleigha seen some kids running
down it, well she wanted to do the same & I'll just
say that I am so thankful Victoria was there with us
so I didn't have to go down & back up that hill with her!
Waiting on the fireworks to start

She loves the fireworks

Victoria, Granny, Aunt Buddy & Uncle Glen

Henry, Me, Momma & Daddy

Santa came up & started talking to her & surprisingly
she didn't cry. She could see the river from there &
was trying to tell him about the "wa-wa". I know,
too cute right!
I'm still so shocked that she didnt start crying
We had a great time & cant wait to go back next year!

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