Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Aleigha's 1st Easter

Wow Easter has come and gone. I was so excited for Aleigha's first Easter and it was so much fun. On Saturday my Mom & Dad went with us to the Boardwalk for an Easter Egg Hunt. It was so cute watching her carry her Easter basket around putting her eggs in it like she really knew what she was doing. After the egg hunt we went to meet the Easter Bunny. Well that didn't go to great. At first I tried handing her to him so we could get a picture. All 4 limbs went out like a scared wet cat and then came the scream, she was hysterical. So after we got her calmed down I held her and stood next to him & that was ok. After that we all went back to our house to dye eggs. She didn't quite know what was going on but she kept watching & looking at us like she was so interested. Sunday when she woke up we took her in the living room & when she seen what the Easter Bunny had brought she pointed, screamed & started smiling and screaming so big. It was a great feeling seeing her so happy. We all went to my Granny's for lunch and a small egg hunt for the babies. It was a really good weekend. We couldn't of had a better first Easter with Aleigha. I'll post pictures tonight!

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