Friday, February 27, 2009

A Day at the Park

So yesterday my boss told me to take off at noon so I decided to take Aleigha to the park and see how she liked it. I meet up with my parents when I got off to pick Aleigha up and we headed to the Duck Pond. She had such a good time. They have the baby swings there & she literally cried when I took her out so I put her back in. I think I pushed her in the swing for over 30 minutes. Then we went to feed the duck's. She thought that was hilarious. She dropped one of her animal cookies & the duck came right up by her foot to get it so everytime I would give her a cookie after that she would throw it to the ducks. After that we did a little shopping & she was getting a little cranky so we headed home. It was a good day. Now that I know how much she loves the park we will be taking her more often. I'll have to upload some pictures of Aleigha's fun day once the internet get hooked up tomorrow.

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