Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Becoming a big girl...

Last week wasn't so good with Aleigha...on last Saturday, Valentine's Day, she cute her top right tooth & 4 days later she cut her top left tooth so needless to say she was a little cranky last week. On Saturday we met up with my brother & his girlfriend and the kids at Mardi Gras. It was so much fun & Aleigha really enjoyed it. After about 45 minutes of floats coming by she was wore out & went sound asleep on my shoulder & slept through the rest of the parade. I told Henry we needed to make it a tradition to take Aleigha every year since my parents took us every year growing up. So we had a good weekend to start off an even better week. Aleigha has been standing on her own for a few weeks now & cruises furniture really good and also walks really well with her push toys but yesterday while I was on the phone with my mom Aleigha was walking back & forth between her and my dad. I was so excited & sad at the same time. After work my family all went down to the Boardwalk for the parade down there however I was anxious to get home to see Aleigha walk. I guess this is just a new beginning for us.

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