Saturday, October 20, 2012

From my Phone, Lately

I have tons of pics from my iphone that I figure I might
as well post. Latley the weather has started cooling off and
we've been able to spend more time outside & I love it.
Aleigha loves evening walks so she can ride her bike!
Ready for school!
Dance...her favorite day of the week!
Teach 'em young :) She asked if she could
help mop, how could I resist?
What they do best...
Dance day again, then we headed to eat mexican
afterwards with Mamaw!
And of couse it's that season again & my sweets
stays sick. A few trips to the doctor & I think
were finally on the road to recover!
There is an upside to my hyper girl being sick and these
sweet snuggles is one of them!
A trip to the arcade lifted her spirits some! So glad my sweet
girl is starting to feel better but until she's 100%
we'll lay low inside and do what she loves the most...

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