Friday, January 27, 2012

Trying to catch up - November

I haven't posted in so long & need to get
caught up!  I'll just start where I left off
and it'll mostly be pictures :) The past few months
have just been so busy with the holidays, and
going to the inlaws for almost 2 weeks and then
school started back for me but, YAY, this is my
last semester of clinicals & I graduate in May!
Ok, so here we go....

Miss priss found not 1 but 2 of her Christmas
presents in November. After the first one, we just
laughed. Both were board games so she immediately
wanted to play them! Next year we'll go back to
putting stuff in the attic :)

Playing memory!

Decorating her Christmas tree...

I think she redecorated it quite a few times before Christmas!

The weather was nice in November so we spent
alot of time outside!

Playing in the leaves with Bentley!

My little cousins birthday was in November & we all
went & had a blast.

I think they went down this slide over & over again!

Sadly one of the most important days in November is Thanksgiving
and I got NO pictures. I dont think I even go one, but we had
alot of fun spending it with family and I went Black Friday shopping
with my Mom! The next day was when my sis-in-law had Tripp
and I wrote about that here!
I'll be posting our Christams adventures next!

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