Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day

On Saturday we all went to the Farmer's Market
downtown and after that we went to my parents
to swim. Later that afternoon my Mom said yall
should of just planned to stay the night since your
coming right back tomorrow for Father's Day so
that's exactly what we did. They only live about 20
minutes from us but it's something so peaceful about
being there.

Henry & my Dad were going fishing
that afternoon so we gave them their Father's Day
presents a day early :) They fish alot so new
fishing poles were perfect and they loved them.

It was only fitting for Miss Priss to go get hers
as well.

My Mom made the Pioneer Woman's
yummy! After eating lunch we spent rest of
the afternoon playing in the pool and relaxing.

Pop just hung out in the shade :) It was
such a great Father's Day weekend!

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