Sunday, February 27, 2011

Laying Low

The title explains exactly what we have been doing this week.
Laying Low!
After two weeks of non-stop sickness the sweet pea
is finally back to her fun loving self and we have
been taking it easy this week. Mamaw and Papaw
let her bring this train home that was Tyler's when
he was smaller and she LOVES it. I tried convincing her
to put it in her room but no, it is smack dab in the middle
of the living room but it keeps her entertained. It makes
all kind of train noises & sings the ABC's.

Our nights are filled with long bubble baths!

All ready for daycare.

And it rained that day so when she got home she
grabbed her rubber boots and wanted to splash in
the mud puddles.

Yesterday was the first Mardi Gras parade around here.It's
pretty much a family tradition for us and the weather
was so nice. The kids played and flew kites. We caught
lots of beads, cups & other things. The first thing Aleigha
said when she woke up this morning, with her eyes still
barely shut was "Mommy I wanna go back to the parade."
I think she had fun! 

(Aleigha & my Mom)

Ready to go to Mamaw & Papaw's!

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