Monday, January 17, 2011

Back on Schedule

Since our snow last week has faded and
gone far away the rain has come and will not
seem to stop. So we've had lots of time
playing inside and dressing up and playing
barbies and toenail painting.

With clinicals starting back up tomorrow I've
been trying to soak up all the time I can with Henry
and Aleigha. I am nervous and excited to start 2nd
level but I know I can do it. When Aleigha got home
Friday afternoon we made a little Valentine's banner.
I had planned on hanging it in her room but she insisted
it be hung in the kitchen.

On Saturday we headed to my parents to spend the day.
My dad is finally home for a few days and the kids
loved wrestling & playing with him.

These pictures make me smile because there are some
just like these of me & my brother when we
were younger wrestling with my Dad on the
living room floor. :)

Pretty much we had a lazy weekend full of movies,
football and staying in pajamas all day. But now
it's time to get organized and back on schedule with
school starting tomorrow. I hope everyone has a great

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