Friday, February 12, 2010

Snowy Day

It doesn't snow here often, actually I think the
last time we seen anything even remotely like
this was close to 10 years ago. On the way to
daycare yesterday morning Aleigha was quite
scared of it. I was trying to get her to touch it
and she was not having it. She ran to the car
trying to get in her carseat. But when she got home
yesterday afternoon all she wanted to do
was play in the "smow".
These pictures were taken yesterday afternoon,
by last night it was a little thicker and this morning
it is so pretty outside.
So my favorite girl and I are done drinking our
coffee & were off to play in the snow.

Oh yeah, it's still snowing also. Not real hard
but it's still snowing {grin} and we are loving it!

It is so rare around here that the schools and
daycares are closed. ha! But I'm not complaining
because that means we can stay home & enjoy the
snow before it starts melting away. It's also a
nice way to start off the weekend.

1 comment:

Margaret said...

Yay for snow! Riley saw snow for the first time this December and loved eating it haha.