Friday, January 22, 2010

Feels like Spring Lately

With night classes & Henry having to work over it has been one busy week. I'm glad the night class is over because I hate not being home for Aleigha's bedtime but I think she enjoyed her afternoons with Daddy. The weather has been so nice this week which means lots of playing outside for Aleigha. She does not like being couped up inside so were thankful for it warming up a little.

This first picture cracks me up!

She found some paci's from her first few months &

stuck it right in her mouth. I thought it was too cute!

We took my Pop to dinner for his birthday

last Saturday but this picture of Tyler & Aleigha is the only
one I took but I think its so cute of them.
Riding his scooter in the ditch

She has a new obsession with boots.
Notice in the pic below she is wearing
Tyler's cowboy boots.
Playing outside :)
Ignore her pajamas, it was pajama day at daycare

Getting to the top of the slide

And she made it...

And there she goes

And this little guy got a much needed
haircut today. Poor thing couldn't even
see anymore.

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