Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Circus

From a last minute text message from a friend yesterday afternoon we decided to take Aleigha to the Circus last night. We had decided not to take her because we weren't quite sure an 18 month old would be to interested in it but surprisingly she was. Mostly she wanted to dance to all the wild music they played but I think she enjoyed it. Mamaw went with us & Daddy met us there. We got to see friends we hadn't seen in quite some time. We had a great time even though she fell asleep towards the end because it lasted for almost 3 hours.

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Erin said...

How cute! I want to take Alex tot he circus when it comes but we just bought tickets to Elmo Live and are going to get tickets to Disney On ice Princesses!! So those are very spending.. I think she would just love the Circus though! Looks like a blast :)